What happens if we release sperm daily ?

What happens if we release sperm daily?

What happens if we release sperm daily? All you need to know

What happens if we release sperm daily?’ is presumably the question clouded with a number of doubts and myths; and it is tough to believe anything but also to ignore that.

We all know it is no secret that men are more likely to develop sexual issues throughout aging and even due to psychological scenarios, to know and understand facts around this question is important.

When we try to get to know ‘how often should a man release sperm?’ the answers are always mixed.

  • Some may prefer it as a bad habit with consequences; on the other hand, one may refer to the studies that show it is beneficial.
  • But, what to believe in?
  • Well, we guess it is time to really talk about ejaculation.

What happens if we release sperm daily?

It is time to get into the details of what precisely happens to our body, sperm count and mobility, and our physical and psychological health as a man masturbates regularly.

Also, we will address the advantages and disadvantages of releasing sperm daily, how it could be improved, and how often a man should practice ejaculation.

So, shall we begin?

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What is ejaculation? Is it healthy or disadvantageous?

  • While we talk about releasing sperm called ejaculation, we actually refer to masturbation; sex is a whole different thing.Well, ejaculation is a common sexual response of the body to sexual stimulation and satisfaction; men release sperm as they ejaculate.
  • Now as we move on to understand whether it is a healthy practice or have consequences, the answers are biased– but relevant at the same time.Some studies support masturbation as a healthy practice to maintain sexual health and to prevent interrelated disorders.
  • To be precise, a Harvard Medical School study referred that a man who ejaculates 21 times in a month had 31% lower chances to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculate 4-7 times.On the other hand, some other studies indicate that masturbation/ejaculation can cause infertility, reduce sperm motility and count, and also to cause physical and psychological health issues.
  • But, our logical stand on this is, if it is not excess masturbation/masturbation addiction, it can be considered moderately a healthy practice.Actually, it is not about whether we should masturbate or not, it is about understanding ‘how often should a man release sperm?’.
  • Conclusively, masturbating several times in a day regularly can obviously have health consequences to the body. But, if you practice healthy masturbation as the studies refer, the things may twist and turn.          

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What happens if we release sperm daily?

  • Ejaculating is not as simple as it may seem to you. You put eight body parts into it; your testes, penis, vas deferens, prostate gland, epididymis, seminal vesicle and urethra.
  • But, yeah, you also need to know that it is not actually a bad practice to ejaculate daily; everyone does that already.
  • Instead of causing health problems as perceived by people, daily masturbation has some good health benefits; but as long as you are not addicted to it and keeping things moderate.
  • Masturbating every day 4-5 times will definitely get you in trouble; to its minimal, it may cause pain in penis, bleeding and even nerve damage.
  • Well, one of the healthy masturbation benefits is, it satisfies emotionally as it releases dopamine and oxytocin hormones.
  • Here, dopamine is a happy/pleasure hormone and on the other hand; oxytocin is an anti-stress and blood pressure regulator hormone.
  • Except ‘what happens if we release sperm daily?’, men are also likely to mention ‘how long does the body take to refill the sperm?’ literally everywhere.
  • Well, to clarify the doubt, your body merely takes the time while you are achieving an orgasm to refill the sperm. Do not worry, you are not running out of it this quick.
  • Yes, aging may be a factor of delayed refill, but young men to men aged up to 40, may take as less time as you need to hit orgasm. Men from 41 to 60-70 or more can find it a bit longer to refuel themselves for a shot.

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily

  • Though it is a healthy habit to masturbate 21 times in a month as mentioned in a Harvard Medical School study– but if you go more; upto addiction level, it is likely that you may suffer.

Disadvantages of releasing sperm daily ?

  • Though there is no evidence and tendencies of reports that support the fact that daily masturbation is disadvantageous, there are chances that it may cause certain health issues.
  • Over masturbation is associated with the risk of poor stimulation in real sex.
  • It is because as soon your sexual function adjusts to masturbation, it becomes unusual for your sexual stimulus to signal stimulation and erection with a real partner. 

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  • Even, you may not find real sex that satisfying as masturbation is for you, because your brain begins to find ‘dry hand masturbation’ more simulative than real vaginal sex which is usually not as hard as the grip of your hand while masturbating.
  • Ofcourse, there are disadvantages of release sperm daily, but following a healthy masturbation routine from 15-20 times in a month can help not only exercise your muscles but to improve overall performance when indulged in real sex.

Does not ejaculating have benefits? Should you hold in your sperm?

  • There is no evidence or studies that have proven or indicated observations that not ejaculating can have a certain health benefit.

Does-not-ejaculating-have-benefits ?

  • Nor, it is shown to improve sperm fertility, mobility and count– all the facts around ‘no ejaculation is healthful’ are just perceptions of people.
  • Even if we talk about sperm retention, the body makes it naturally whether you want it or not; it is how your sexual function works.
  • Whether you are ejaculating or not, in 4-5 days, the body will ultimately neutralize sperm retention in your body and will make new.
  • Whether You masturbate or not, your body will find a way to neutralize the sperm retention as soon as its lifespan is over; usually 4-5 days. Well, you must have heard of ‘nightfalls’, didn’t you? As said, your body finds a way.


Can you run out of sperm?

  • Some health conditions can definitely lead to lower sperm count which may be more linked to overall health than just masturbation.

Can You Run out of Sperm ?

  • Also to the fact, chronic masturbation and porn addiction can have a poor impact on your sperm count; as you ejaculate too often/frequently.
  • But, an average healthy guy who practices healthy masturbation is less likely to run out of sperm. However, if you are worried about your sperm count, fertility, and mobility– there are a number of foods and supplements that are effective.


How to increase sperm count?

  • Our lifestyle, diet and physical activeness, all have a huge impact on our health– including sexual health as we are talking about this already.
  • When it comes to treating low sperm count problems, diet and lifestyle plays a vital role; it literally does a lot for the better. Also, there are some medicines that might give better sperm retention and ejaculation control.
  • Well, if you wonder if it is possible to increase not only sperm count but also to improve sperm fertility and mobility, of course it is. But the real question is how?Umm, here are some tips that might help:

Drop your Body weight

  • Studies have evidenced that being overweight is associated with several physical changes and the development of several health issues– including low sperm count.

Drop your bodyweight ?

  • Men who maintain a healthy bodyweight and mass index are more potent and fertile than those who are overweight or obese.
  • Studies also refer that men with ideal weight are less likely to develop any health condition whether it is sperm health.

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  • Studies have found that men those who exercise and are physically fit, have a better sperm count, fertility and mobility. Some of the exercises such as pelvic floor exercise, and leg extensions are found to strengthen bladders and to help better ejaculation control and boost in testosterone.
  • Not just this, regular exercising is also believed to improve sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

Look after vitamins deficiency

  • Some recent studies have found that certain essential vitamins deficiency can reduce sperm count and also develop sexual health disorders in men.These essential vitamins include- vitamin C, D, E and B3.
  • Either you can seek a doctor’s help for diagnosis or can eventually start with optimal doses of such vitamins supplement. Or, even you can prefer a vitamin-rich diet that fulfils these essential vitamins requirement.

Be emotionally healthy

  • Emotional health has an essential connection with a male’s sexual health. Not just upto the stimulation/arousal aspect, emotional health is also important to keep hormones in balance.

Be emotionally healthy ?

  • Testosterone,dopamine, and oxytocin are some hormones that might impact one’s sexual function and health– including sperm health. Therefore, maintaining emotional health is important as well.



  • Studies have evidenced that daily ejaculation is a healthy practice until one takes it as far as to chronic masturbation and porn addiction. Even a Harvard study indicates that masturbating 21 times in a month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 31% than those who occasionally masturbate in a month; as less as 4-5 times.
  • The perceptions of people change on ‘what happens if we release sperm daily?’ but it is totally healthy and should be Practiced for better control on ejaculation and to relieve sexual stress.However, since every thing has two aspects, there is also the bad side of ejaculation– but it is only a problem if you are addicted to it.
  • Just be moderate and keep things logically. And, if you feel your sperm count is low, there are dozens of foods and supplements that can help.

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