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How To Make a Man With ED Hard?

How to make a man with ED hard?

How To Stimulate a Man With Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction us such a health condition, where achieving a harder and long-lasting erection is harder than the penis. A man who suffers from the disorder goes through tremendous mental pressure for not being able to get an erection. At times sexual arousal also can’t play any […]

The Poignant Story of the 63 Year Old Man

Hello everyone! I am Simon Hayes and I welcome you all to a fresh new episode of our Podcast series ‘Men who Fought Back’. I hope you all listened to the very first episode of our Podcast and are familiar with the topic of our discussion i.e. Erectile Dysfunction. In today’s episode, we are going […]

What are the Causes of ED & How Generic Cialis Might Help

all about erectile dysfunction

When a man finds it difficult to have a longer and firmer erection at the time of having sex, is considered to have an erectile dysfunction problem. Though the problem is quite common in men aged more than 40 years and between 70 years’ dues to hormonal changes, many factors work and make erectile dysfunction, […]

The Myths And Facts About Pornography And Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual challenge among men. It is when a man cannot achieve a complete erection. Also the men can’t sustain an erection for longer while having sexual intercourse. The fact behind this is that, ED leads men towards immense distress. Many explanations and factors work behind having the problem of Erectile […]

Step By Step Guide To Do A Kegel Exercise

Kegel Exercises

You absolutely can’t look any better by doing Kegel exercises. Nor these form of exercise will help you shed a few pounds or be fitter. But one thing it must promise you that, they will do something just crucial as that. Yes! These exercises will help you to get strong muscles to support your bladder. […]

Why is Morning Wood So Important?

morning wood

Waking up with a morning erection is but a common occurrence in men. And ever since the time of birth, these erections are common in the male gender. From fetus to the age of 70 or more, this nocturnal phenomenon is a sign of manhood. And it is experienced by men of all ages on […]

11 Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction: Usage, Risks and recipes

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a problem that many males are dealing with. Here we will have a look at essential oils, risks and recipes for the treatment of ED. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection, which makes sexual intercourse often difficult or impossible, is known as ED. You might be acquainted […]

My Doctor Told Me I’m Erectile Dysfunction, What Now?

Erectile Dysfunction

Hearing it in confirmation from your doctor that you indeed suffer from erectile dysfunction can be life altering. All the past experiences of having failed at keeping an erection for quality sex, inability to get erections even after stimulation and the tension in your relation seems to have gotten a proof of an inability that […]