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The Poignant Story of the 63 Year Old Man

Hello everyone! I am Simon Hayes and I welcome you all to a fresh new episode of our Podcast series ‘Men who Fought Back’. I hope you all listened to the very first episode of our Podcast and are familiar with the topic of our discussion i.e. Erectile Dysfunction. In today’s episode, we are going […]

My Doctor Told Me I’m Erectile Dysfunction, What Now?

Erectile Dysfunction

Hearing it in confirmation from your doctor that you indeed suffer from erectile dysfunction can be life altering. All the past experiences of having failed at keeping an erection for quality sex, inability to get erections even after stimulation and the tension in your relation seems to have gotten a proof of an inability that […]

6 Benefits of ED Medication Beyond a Strong Erection

erectile dysfunction

Viagra – Cialis – levitra – The drugs that revolutionized the sex life of millions of people! The potential of getting a strong and ffirm erection for quality sexual intercourse increases with a dose of these ED drugs. And the effect has been so wonderful that today it is prescribed by the doctors to treat […]