My Doctor Told Me I’m Erectile Dysfunction, What Now?

Erectile Dysfunction

Hearing it in confirmation from your doctor that you indeed suffer from erectile dysfunction can be life altering. All the past experiences of having failed at keeping an erection for quality sex, inability to get erections even after stimulation and the tension in your relation seems to have gotten a proof of an inability that kills confidence and casts sadness. Erectile dysfunction, the word itself is taken negatively by men. It feels like their sex life has come to an end.

But the words of your doctor isn’t an end to your sex life, but can be beginning of an era where you become aware of your health, relations and most importantly your sexuality!

What is erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction impotency

Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for penetrative sex in men. It is a sexual disorder that can arise due to many factors like lifestyle, psychological barriers, stress, prostate cancer, related health diseases etc. erectile dysfunction leaves one unable to indulge into satisfying sexual intercourse bringing the sexual life into a halt.

The growing market of virility drugs is proof enough that erectile dysfunction has become a common issue in the lives of modern men. It is proven that almost half of the men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life.

Doctor said you have erectile dysfunction – what to do now?

stress due to erectile dysfunction

If you have been experiencing issues with your erections and haven’t been able to indulge into satisfying sexual intercourse since a long time now, it might be an ideal time to seek a doctor for help. Your doctor confirming on the fact that you suffer from erectile dysfunction shouldn’t be a cause of concern but a revelation. As treatment through impotency is possible, erectile dysfunction is an early warning sign to a lot many health concerns.

Majority of cases of erectile dysfunction go unreported. Only a fraction of men get themselves diagnosed. And even lesser number of men tries to fix erectile dysfunction!

Seeking for a treatment and study of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction is one of the primary moves one should make. Consider your reports as an early sign to finding what is wrong with your health!

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Health conditions you should check on!

Health checkup

ED is a common occurrence in men who have coronary heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc. The blockage in the arteries because of the build-up of plaque in them impairs the blood functioning leading to heart diseases. This is an alternate reason for erectile dysfunction too. From non-dilating blood vessels, blockage of arteries, to decrease in amount of oxygen in the body – the reason to erectile dysfunctions can be many. One needs to connect the dots and find the root cause of impotency with the help of their doctor, to find out a possible treatment. On the basis of the underlying health conditions, the generic erectile dysfunction drugs are chosen for men for a good treatment.

Starting with the treatment!

Taking Medicine

Doctors recommend a treatment for the patients of erectile dysfunction on the basis of their experiences. While some people are given best erectile dysfunction pills for the treatment others are given therapies, penile implants and more. Majority of men buy generic Viagra 100mg pills as their treatment to getting and keeping an erection. The virility drugs improve the flow of the blood to the erectile tissues helping get a quality erection in no time.

After a doctor has confirmed with impotency, it is important to find the root cause of it and begin with the treatment. It might take a few instances to settle with a medication or treatment, but once one gets comfortable with the treatment it becomes an easy process.

What you can do to treat erectile dysfunction?

treat erectile dysfunction

While a doctor may begin with levitra 20mg pills for men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is important for you to take charge of your health and take it to a positive direction. And so considering some lifestyle changes is pertinent. Here is what you can do!

  • Natural and organic diet

Having a balanced diet is important to keeping your body nourished and healthy. Controlling on junk food, eating natural and organic products and maintaining healthy diet gives the body its fair share of health. It is very important to keep the body functioning to its optimum.


  • Yoga, Exercise and meditation

Activity is essential for an energetic and mindful life! And so dedicating 30 minutes of your daily life towards following an exercise routine, yoga schedule or meditation gives health a boost. Yoga is known to cure hormonal imbalances and heal body parts and exercising opens up the blood vessels. Exercising flushes out the toxins, keeps your body clean and your heart healthy!


  • Hydration

Drinking enough water is essential for optimum functioning of the body. Water detoxifies, hydrates, and improves vitality. Apple Cider Vinegar in particular is a sweet-sour concoction which when taken in the morning has ability to decrease blood pressure, burn fat, improve blood flow and treat erectile dysfunction in a passive way. It’s great for hydration too!


  • Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are habits which brings havoc on health. They promote a variety of health risks and diseases. These harm lungs and kidneys the most. Quitting smoking and alcohol helps bring the hormones to a balance, improves flow of oxygen in blood and treat erectile dysfunction.


  • Healthy sleeping routine

Stress, anxiety, depression – these are the emotional barriers that can be a cause of your hindered sex life. Busy schedules, overworked life and depressing situations can disrupt your sex life. And so recharging your body, relaxing your mind and calming your senses is important for a healthy life. Sleeping 8-10 hours daily helps promote wellness and treat impotency too.


Viagra and Cialis 20mg – The virility drugs are the popular treatments for erectile dysfunction. Enabling men to get an erection in 20 minutes, these drugs help keep a check on your sex life while the treatment is still in progress.

If diagnosis of erectile treatment scares you, it’s time to let your inhibitions go and begin taking charge in your life for a better future!

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