Is watermelon good for sex drive?

Watermelon: A Natural Viagra

A cold slice of watermelon not only satisfies your thirst during the summer months, it also helps in satisfying sexual desires. Surprised? Known as ‘Nature’s Viagra’, watermelon has the same effect as that of Viagra in both men and women. The fruit is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire and improved sexual performance.

Why is watermelon a ‘Sex Fruit’?

Watermelon a Sex Fruit

The fruit is a key to sexual fulfillment, as said by researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre. In 2008, after studying the specifics of watermelon, researchers concluded that they contain a phytonutrient called citrulline.

Citrulline is an amino acid and antioxidant. It helps to convert another amino acid called Arginine. It is beneficial for cell division and wound healing.

On further investigation, researchers realized that the phytonutrient, citrulline works like Viagra. It helps to arouse sexual desires and maintain an erection. It boosts nitric oxide in the body and relaxes blood vessels.

Citrulline is found in the flesh, seeds, and rind of the fruit. It is densely concentrated in the rind than the flesh of the fruit. Researchers are developing a hybrid fruit specimen having high citrulline concentration in the flesh rather than the rind. Though the hybrid is not available in commercial markets yet, there will be a watermelon natural Viagra (Sildenafil) available for us soon. However, there are hybrid seedless watermelons available in fruit markets which have a higher concentration of citrulline in the flesh.

Tip: Buy watermelon with yellow or orange flesh. The red-fleshed melon has less citrulline content compared to the others.

Apart from citrulline, this natural viagra fruit is also rich in lycopene. It is a nutrient that keeps heart healthy and is beneficial for prostate health. They are more than just water-rich flesh fruits relished by all genders and age groups. Eating them regularly is quite good for your health.

Note: The citrulline from watermelon does not affect the sexual glands directly. We need more research to prove that it is a natural viagra variety. Nonetheless, eating it regularly has been proven to improve sexual performance in bed.

Uses of the Seedy Fruit

It is inherently a fruit that symbolizes sex and seduction. The pink color of the flesh and the way it’s eaten helps in stirring sexual emotions in both men and women.

Seedy Fruit

1. Prevention and treatment of Erectile dysfunction

By now we know that watermelons contain the phytonutrient, Citrulline, which helps in relaxing blood vessels. Steady blood flow in the penis ensures an erection which is hard enough to do sex and thus, prevents and treats erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction: What is it?

It is a condition in which men are unable to keep up their erection firm enough to have sex.

ED is common among older men, and sometimes younger men also go through the same due to stress, heart problems, obesity, etc. This condition affects both physical and mental health of men. You start losing confidence in yourself, lack the energy to do any daily activities, and it causes you embarrassment and hampers your sex life.

The commonly used drugs to treat ED are Viagra pills for men. They help in increasing the blood flow to the penis temporarily. The effect of this medicine stays for up to 5-6 hours after ingestion.

For those of you who do not want to use medications to treat ED, a natural Viagra in the form of watermelons could be helpful. There are other natural alternatives to Sildenafil including red ginseng, natural aphrodisiacs, etc.


2. Natural Viagra for women

It helps in increasing sexual desires. Regular intake of watermelons can help women who have lost their sexual libido post menopause. A cold slice of this fruit acts as a natural Viagra for females that boosts sexual desire and improves your performance in bed.

3. Sex Fruit

Sex Fruit

Though there are no scientific records that show the direct impact of watermelons, the citrulline helps your body to do better. We have no idea if the citrulline is affecting sex organs directly. But we are being optimistic about it and treating it as our sex fruit. Even if it does not treat ED or increase your sexual desire, it definitely adds fun to having sex in the summer months.

How to use it to improve your sex drive?

Improve Your Sex Drive

It is a natural and homemade remedy for Erectile Dysfunction. There are three ways in which it can blend with other substances to make it work like Viagra.

1. Watermelon Juice

 Watermelon juice

You will need watermelon pieces and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. This potion is also called the homemade natural Viagra. The fruit’scitrulline and lemon’s citrus acid helps in treating erectile dysfunction. Grind the pieces to make a juice and boil it. Add lemon juice in it and mix it well. Keep it in the refrigerator for some time and drink it up. Regular intake of the juice helps in preventing any sexual dysfunction. Make sure you do not have an excess of sugar or salt to curb the effect of the natural Viagra. The juice is consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before sleeping.

2. Watermelon Rind Juice

The rind has more concentration of citrulline than the flesh. Usually, we let the rind go and consume only the flesh. But, some part of the white is good if you are eating it for its aphrodisiac properties.

3. Argula Watermelon Salad

Recently it was found that argula is a herb that has aphrodisiac properties. It was popularly used to make love potions and was often associated with the goddess of fertility. If consumed regularly, it could be used as natural viagra for women. A salad made of watermelon and argula is a perfect sex food. Chop some argula, mix the watermelon pieces to it along with a pinch of salt and olive oil dressing. Eat this salad regularly and you will see an increase in your sexual libido.

Is watermelon a natural Viagra?

We discussed a lot how watermelon can treat erectile dysfunction. Because it has an active element called citrulline. It helps improving the blood flow hence a better and lasting erection.

But, do you still have doubt in mind – Is watermelon natural Viagra for men?

If so, let me clear it once and for all. Watermelon as natural Viagra is a good option if you want to avoid medications for treating your erectile dysfunction. You can precisely consider that watermelon works like Viagra. Properties in this fruit are good enough to not only treat one’s sexual disorders but also provide improved stamina to last longer in bed.

If you will ask me, does watermelon help with erectile dysfunction (ed)? I will say not straight but it does if taken regularly for a long time. The citrulline and phytonutrient in watermelon increase libido. These properties ultimately help for better sex drive.

Watermelon benefits for sex are rare but enough if you seek this fruit as a help to cure your sexual disorder. So it’s clear that watermelon works like Viagra. If you wish to see the results, you will have to try it. Because if you do not, you will never know watermelon is good for sex or not.


Natural Viagra or not, watermelons are sexy!



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