How to have sex and make her orgasm!

women orgasm

Women orgasm is a big mystery for men! While the statistics reveal that 90% of men reach orgasm well as compared to just 65% in women. The surveys also reveal that 85% of the men exclaim of their partners having reached an orgasm. This makes us jump to just one conclusion – most women are faking it!

Women have a tough time reaching an orgasm as compared to men. There isn’t just the sensation or the view guiding them to good sexual intercourse. For a woman, what matters is the complete shutdown of the brain activities to reach about an amazing orgasm. It is when they can leave behind the ringing of the phone, the crying of the baby or the knock on the door that an orgasm is on its way! And it can happen only when the man knows what works for his partner and hit just the right spots at the right time.

Of course every woman is different. Men are bound to have troubles on how to have sex. While some moves would completely swipe a woman off her feet, the same would make another woman cringe. However, there are some real ways in which you can expect to reach the finish line and make her cum easily.

Steps to make her cum!


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Getting her aroused is an art!

women aroused

To light that fire in a woman is an important part of indulging into sex. It is not just the feeling of sensuousness but intense desire in the eyes of men that turns a woman on. And in this race, it is important to make her feel safe, comfortable and of course sexy! Tap into the F-word to start with! We mean Foreplay! If you can, then touch corners of her neck, give her a little massage on the waist or feel her lips through your fingers and you will see how magically it turns her on!

Jog on your memory and remind yourself of the 7 erogenous zones of women as explained by Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. “GO for a 1,2,1,2,3,3,5,4,3,2,2, a..2,4,6,2,4,6,4,2,2,4,7,5,7,6,7,7,7, .. finish!” THEY ARE FOR REAL!

Unwind her stress and make her relax in your company. And it is more important to be done than just said. Tease her with your words and play with her hair, her finger tips or just ask her how she likes to indulge into sex. Chances are that if she is interested in you she would support the flow too.

P.S. Consent is the key! Even if you are in a relationship, between a position, deep into the act or just approaching a woman for the first time – make sure you have her consent.

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Get to know her clitoris

Women have a tough time reaching the optimal prime with just penetrative sex. For them it is important to feel sensuous and have some stimulation in the clitoris. It’s a wonder how clitoris has remained a silent friend for women and ignored by men largely. If studies are to be believed, it is only 18% of women who are able to reach an orgasm with just penetrative sex.

Thanks to the porn industry that there are streams of kinky sex ideas been rolled out for people to try. And a majority of the videos feature women stimulating their clitoris. So wake up! Learn techniques to stimulate her clitoris gently to help her feel the pleasure and bring about a mind blowing orgasm.

For people who don’t know, clitoris is a pea sized structure on the top of a woman’s Vulva. It is one of the most erogenous zones for women sexual stimulation.

Be it any position – you can choose to either use the knuckles of your fingers or the lower rib part of your body to just thrust a little closer and make her feel the difference. Use the Vulcan V finger technique for it or just rub your thumb on the clitoris during missionary position. A clitoral stimulation heightens the sexual pleasure in women and helps them get the Big-O easily.

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Learn what she likes and take the lead!

quick orgasm

Every woman is different! And it is a lot more complicated beneath the sheets. You need to really know what excites her to be able to make her cum. While clitoral stimulation can be your Jack card, getting to know her down below brings out her stages of arousal and what she enjoys the most. So don’t shy away from going down on a woman. Indulge into oral sex and let her take the lead.

Give her a good stimulation with your tongue, lips and a little of chin to rub. She will mostly guide you on what feels good and what not. Once you know what works for her, you can either stick to the oral sex or shift for a quick orgasm with penetrative sex right at the G-spot. Stay a little shallow and focus on G-spot for a quick charge on sexual pleasure.

Note: G-Spot is the most erogenous spot inside the Vagina to bring about a quick orgasm. It is just a couple of inches inside vagina. A thrust here can be just the right bang for you to win an orgasm!

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Go for slow orgasm!

slow orgasm

In between the act men are most tempted to just focus on faster thrusting for faster and great orgasm. After all the physical aspect masters the joy! But it is always better to throw in some sensuousness and connection between your X-rated pleasures. Women are most likely to get an orgasm when the process is slow and backed with some stimulation in the form of kissing and touch on the sensuous areas.

Women enjoy combination of kisses, sensuous touches, oral sex and genital stimulation altogether during an act. You can choose to make an aura around with candles lit and fragrances to melt the moods. Gliding into sexy briefs or something that brings excitement in her is a plus! To achieve a rather great slow orgasm, indulge into quality experience than just indulging into the physical aspect of it. The slower it is, the better it gets!

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Give her a surprise

surprise sex

Some women like oral sex more than others. And so slipping in a few surprises for your woman is definitely the best way to treat her. Let her enjoy giving you a blowjob or get pleasure from indulging into oral sex.

Instead of just keeping it as per ritual, try to surprise her with new moves! Be gentle with your touches and play with her sensual feelings. Woman’s butts are the most underrated erogenous spots to touch during sex. Gently put your hands on the buttocks and squeeze them for a quick rush of pleasure. And until you aren’t sure if the woman loves spanking or intense pleasure, don’t go for it.

It is more important to give her a surprise with generous touches rather than making your fantasies coming alive. Understand the difference between pain and pleasure to take it slot and make her cum.

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Oral, anal or just penetrative sex!

oral sex

All of the ways of exploring sex are different and hence it depends on person to person what they enjoy. While some women like to just indulge into penetrative sex, others don’t shy away from going down. The difference with anal sex is that, it is important to understand if your partner is ready for it.

While getting a blowjob, men have the urge to cum and are often faced with the doubt, “Do women like cum?” Well it is best to ask your partner and progress in the direction that pleases both of you. Getting a blowjob with a condom ON is a safe way to go about it especially when you are indulging into an intercourse with a new person. Taking cum or not is a rather personal choice.

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Talk it out!

The best sexual compatibility is when you can talk it out with your partner. In the heat of the moment, it is best to describe what it feels like indulging into intercourse with your partner or what you plan to do to them. Not only does it bring about a great arousal but also makes them crave for the acts you plan to indulge into.

talking about sex

Talking about sex is sexier than sex itself. So feel free to unfold her anxious feelings and make her more confident talking about their fantasies, likes and dislikes!

Compliment your partner for their assets, their expressions or maybe say something sexy to truly make them comfortable on bed. And when they are comfortable talking the dirty dark feelings of sexual intercourse, the beauty of freedom is surely going to make them have an orgasm.

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An after joy didn’t harm!

sex toys

Even after trying your best at making her cum, if you fail, it shouldn’t be something to be disheartened about. There is always the next time. But what you can really do is get into some after party. Indeed we are talking about the sex toys and vibrator which are a woman’s best friends. Probably she would love to take out that vibrator from her drawer or just love your fingers stimulating her G-spot.

Just remember to ask for her preferences, pleasure points and intensity which magnify her experience. Start with the clitoris, and through sensible moves, try to go ahead in giving her a good combination of gentle pressures and speed to help her cum.  The fact that you understand her needs and honor her pleasure to cum is downright sexy!

It is tough for a woman to have a first time orgasm. But with the right techniques you can definitely have a pleasurable time indulging into sex and make her cum. The key is to be gentle, understand the preferences and derive joy through mutual understanding.

P.S. Don’t forget to keep it safe!

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