How Prostate Surgery Affects Sexual Drive and Erection in Men

prostate surgery affects sexual drive and erection

No matter the type of cancer, the body can get affected by the medication, therapies etc. The side effects are very influencing to sex life when it is prostate cancer surgery. Radiation therapy and medication affect sexual experience in this case. Men who go through this type of cancer, encounter a lower libido, orgasm and sperm count after the operation.

But whatever it may be like, there is always a scope with medical science. Doctors say the side effects of those medications are curable and manageable. Erectile dysfunction is the most common side effect among all. Thus, how to get a full sex life after Prostate Surgery?

How The Prostate Cancer Treatment Influence Your Body For ED?

prostate cancer treatment influence your body for ed

Erectile Dysfunction is not a new term. Well, you are very familiar with the causes and effects of the problem. For men with this dysfunction, it is challenging to have and maintain an erection. When many other factors play their role, in causing the problem, Prostate Cancer too has its part.

Many men who suffer from ED after prostate surgery can have a temporary phase of the dysfunction. The legibility of the dysfunction depends upon the skill and technique preferred by the doctor while performing the nerve-sparing procedure. When done correctly, there is more possibility for the patient to regain erectile function.

Apart from Nerve-Sparing Prostatectomy, there are various radiation therapies to treat cancer. Stereotactic body radiation therapy and brachytherapy are some among them and have different sets of side-effects. But as per the reports, men who undergo any of these radiations are very likely to have an erectile dysfunction problem. Radiation therapy doesn’t affect the body and causes ED immediately after one go. The repeated application of the radiations causes so.

Hormone treatment is another form of treating Prostate Cancer. Through this process, the men hormones of the body are reduced to the level so that it can’t fuel the Prostate cells. For many patients, hormone treatment reduces the sex drive. Others find it challenging to have an erection, even when they are sexually aroused. Hormone therapy also reduces the quantity of semen released during ejaculation.

How To Pleasure A Man After Prostate Surgery?

pleasure a man after prostate surgery

Men who undergo this surgery, have a reasonable chance of getting partial or complete erectile dysfunction problem. The best way to overcome any situation is to know what you can expect after the surgery. You can enjoy your perfect sex life after prostate surgery. It is better to prefer a doctor who has extensive experience of the same.

Sexual pleasure is not entirely dependent upon penetration. Many men have experienced an orgasm without an erection. After you receive the green signal from your doctor, you can resume your sexual activities.

If your partner has gone through a prostate surgery, you can help him gain the orgasm once again. To begin with, Kegel exercise is a considerable way to improve orgasm. Masturbation is the best way to know how the man body is going to react during sexual interfaces.

It is always better to be indulged into physical and emotional intimacy with your partner. Sex is a part of the entire relationship, and it will follow soon after. Also, practice makes a man perfect. Thus, when you help your partner to practice adequate sex regularly, the performance will get better with time.

How Long Does Erectile Dysfunction Last After Prostate Surgery?

how long does erectile dysfunction last after prostate surgery

As I told you earlier that Erectile Dysfunction is not a mandatory outcome for all. Many people don’t have a problem at all. Even when the doctor is very cautious while performing the nerve-sparing technique, it can still cause ED. Men, who suffer from ED take a few weeks to gain the physical capacity of being aroused.

The return of urinary continence takes place within a few months, in most of the men. And to gain back the complete harness over sexual life, it may take up to several years for many. But like the possibility of attaining the problem, the period can vary, from man to man and depending upon the severity of the problem.

How The Erections After Prostate Surgery Be Like?

erections after prostate surgery

Soon after you or your partner has gone through the operation, you can’t expect an erection. As we discussed earlier, the erectile dysfunction caused can take time. It may from a week to several weeks, depending upon the medication. Many patients did not have an ED problem at all, even after the surgery.

But there are other tactics too, through which an erection can be achieved. Penile pumps help to some extent. Though its an artificial way, but it is useful for an erection. Other ED medicines can also come in the rescue and result in an erection. It has been seen that many men reach the peak of orgasm even when their penis is not erected. Thus, proper stimulation works more than any other factor for having sexual intercourse.

Can A Man Live Without A Prostate?

 man live without a prostate

Now when there are a lot of problems surrounding the operation, you might want to know “Then why the surgery?” That’s quite valid. Before you want to know if a man can be alive without prostate, you must understand why it is essential. The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system, which helps in making up the semen. A man can definitely live without a prostate. But as it is a part of the body, there must be some side effects if it is not there. A shrunken penis, dry orgasm and stress- are some lesser known side effects.

Cialis After Prostate Surgery – How It Works?

Cialis 60 mg Pills – Generic Tadalafil Dosage

Prostate surgery can cause partial or complete erectile dysfunction. The penis can’t get an erection naturally. Erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy can be treated with Cialis 60 mg. This is a PDE5 inhibitor, which helps in having an erection when a man can’t get it naturally.

Viagra After Prostate Removal-Does It Work?

 Generic Viagra 100mg Pills – Sildenafil Citrate Tab

Viagra is proven to be the best medicine to treat ED. But does the medicine work in the same effective manner after Prostate Surgery? The nerves are spared during the surgery, and Viagra 100mg helps in improving the erection up to 60% even in that state. But if the nerves are not spared in any patient, the effectiveness of the drug may reduce.


TAKEAWAY: Patients who have gone through prostate surgery may have a lower response rate to the ED drugs. The operation is important as it affects the reproductive system in men. The surgery contributes an injury to the blood supply of the body. Thus, ED can happen in any patient. It is better to ask to your doctor, about when to start your ED drugs, resume sexual intercourse after Prostate Surgery or what is the appropriate dosage for you. The dosage and the time of resuming sexual drives can vary in every patient. Follow a good lifestyle and stay healthy.

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