How Long Does it Take for a Lovegra to Kick in?

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“Lovegra”, are you known to the term? Lovegra is the safest and the gentlest way to re-ignite the sex desires and excitements among women. Thus you can call it as women Viagra too. The drug is primarily known for increasing sexual responses and make sex more rewarding for women.

There are multiple treatment options for men to treat the erectile dysfunction problem. When the number of treatment for women to fight erotic dysfunction is zero, it will be interesting to know how Lovegra takes to work, how much time does it take or how long does the effectiveness of the drug last.


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Lovegra is an FDA approved the medicine, especially for women and is probably among the best women Viagra pills. As per the report of National Institute of health, more than half of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. HSDD or Hypoactive Sexual desire disorder is the problem where the females find it tough to gather enough interest in having sex.

The problem increases and become chronic and causes her personal distress too. Thus Lovegra is the best women Viagra pills for those, who had sexual desires, have lost it and want to get that back and enjoy a healthy sexual life. But the medicine works differently in the women body, from how Viagra does in the male body.

The primary usage of Viagra is related to blood flow. Which increases the blood flow till the penis to result in an erection. Lovegra 100 mg, on the other side, works on the brain chemicals which are responsible for sexual responses.



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Initially, Lovegra (female viagra) was misunderstood to be a date-rape drug, and it was considered to be something you can slip into someone’s drink. But that is precisely not the case. The medicine doesn’t work as a “Few Hours Before” medication and or even a natural pill that you have to take before bedtime. Female viagra 100 mg pill has numerous health benefits apart from just fastening the sensual responses.

It increases the sex drive among women and restores the libido

It is the best Viagra pills for women which helps in making the foreplays exciting

The blood flow of the clitoris gets increased

The sexual sensations of the female body get intensified

It strengthens the orgasm and the number of orgasms.


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The medicine is specially formulated to provide great sexual satisfaction to women. The medication is not like any other male ED drug, which helps in increasing the blood flow,causing an erection among men.Though the medicationaffects the blood flow to the genital resulting ultimate pleasure. There are a lot more to expect from the medicine if you are taking lovegra 100 mg tablets. The medicine is recommended to be taken at least 45 minutes prior before you indulge in sex intercourse. The effect of the drug lasts for 3 to 6 hours after that. Taking Lovegra in an empty stomach is the best way to get the most of the drug.


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There are many reasons when women seek for some drug like Lovegra 100 mg. As the women approach their middle age, it is prevalent to observe a decrease in their erotic desire. There are many other factors including some health condition, stress and other events which can affect the sexual desires among them. The problem is followed by some other symptoms, including:

Limited sexual fantasies or the absence of the same

Lack of stimulation during foreplay or other sexual activities

Inability to maintain sexual desire or interest in sexual activities

Feeling of sexually incompetent and lack of arousal.

Taking medicine regularly increases the level of dopamine in the body. It also lowers the level of serotonin, and the medication was initially made as an antidepressant for women. Dopamine plays a vital role in sexual excitement. It boosts the function of sexual desires and promotes arousal. This is among the tested Viagra pill for women, which got positive responses for giving improved sexual satisfaction during its trials. The medicine is also approved for use among postmenopausal women.


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Like any other medicine Lovegra 100mg female viagra too carries some safety information or warnings. It is always recommended to consume medicine after visiting a doctor. The best and favorable dose of the drug can be suggested by a doctor only. Follow this safety information and read the label of the medicine after you buy Lovegra 100 mg pills online and start taking this medicine.

If you are taking any nitrate prescription (generally prescribed for chest pain or low blood pressure issues), you must ignore the consumption of Lovegra

If the effect of the medicine lasts for more than 6 hours, or you observe any severe experience like chest pain, nausea etc. consult with your doctor

If you are suffering from severe liver or kidney problem and you age more than 65 years, you must not take Lovegra 100 mg pills. The medicine is not effective in treating sexually transmitted diseases

If you face any sudden loss of vision, blurred vision or difficulty in hearing, you need to seek the help- of your doctor immediately

If you prefer other prescription containing alpha blockers, you must not consume Lovegra



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The medicine is useful to increase the lubrication of the female sexual system. The medicine helps provide satisfying sexual health and achieving orgasm. One can buy female viagra (sildenafil citrate) 100 mg tablets online, quickly from any online pharmacy. The reviews of the drug are extraordinary, and while buying, you can go through several reviews, and check the ranking of the medicine too.

If you don’t prefer to buy online you can get female viagra 100mg pills over the counter once you have a proper prescription from your urologist.


The primary function of female viagra (sildenafil citrate) is to boost the sexual desire among women, which is helpful to achieve commendable intercourse. Many women prefer to order sildenafil 100mg online and rely on the medication for longer. The pill focuses on attaining satisfaction and achieve multiple orgasms while having sex. The tablet must not be mashed or crushed, and a total dose is recommended for best result. The medicine can be taken orally with a glass of water. It is recommended to consult a doctor and get a proper prescription, before taking the medicine

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