How can I get Levitra without going to the Doctor?

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Levitra belongs to the list of the best drugs to treat erectile dysfunction problem. For being very active on men suffering from ED, Levitra is quite a strong competitor for many generic drugs for ED. If you are looking for treatment for your ED problem, the process can be intimidating. As there are several medications and you can’t find which one is the best for you.

If you don’t find face-to-face conversation with a doctor very comfortable for you, here is a guide to help you buy Levitra without going to a one.



 Online pharmacy concept

Many ED sufferers prefer to buy ED drugs online. It is better to be confused while choosing the best online store, rather than selecting the best physician. Most of all, it is hard to be comfortable to talk to a urologist for everyone. But if you get confused about the legitimacy of the website from where you are going to buy Levitra, here is a guide for you.

Choose a website: You can’t be very random when it is about buying a crucial medicine like Levitra. Thus you must rely on only those websites which are registered with the Pharmaceutical Council. Every website which you prefer to buy ED drugs online must be registered with the regulatory body must carry the symbol on their homepage. The emblem is the confirmation that the website is safe for you, or the website is authorized for the dispensation of any medicine.

Go for Online Consultation: If you want to get Levitra 60 mg, and trying to get the medicine without going to the doctor, I have another choice for you. It is not always necessary to visit a urologist physically. Here, you can consider going for an online consultation. Online consultations are all about answering a few questionnaires related to your problem.

There will be a counselor to access all the information that you will provide, and he/she can make an informed decision about either taking Levitra 60 mg is appropriate for you or not. This process is essential because, like any other medicine, Levitra too has some side effects. Your body might have some underlying physical problem, and taking medication can be harmful to you. If the drug is considered to be safe for you, you can get an electronic prescription after the part of the process is completed.

Dispensing with an online prescription: Once the online prescription is generated for your case, by the consulting physician, your prescription is sent to the dispensing website used by the website, or of your choice. The pharmacy will dispense your order. You can’t buy generic Levitra 20 mg online from the pharmacy if you have been prescribed with some other dose. The online pharmacy will parcel and deliver only the treatment preferred by your counselor for you.



 Pharmacist and client at pharmacy

If you are feeling uncomfortable while thinking about talking to your urologist about ED problem, you must know that half of all the men aged between 40 to 70 years suffer from the dysfunction. So it is basically wide spread for your physician to treat the same condition.

Many people prefer to talk to the doctor to get a prescription even before taking Levitra (Vardenafil) 10 mg tablets. They don’t like to get the medicine online. After going through your previous medical history and current health condition, he/she can decide, if Levitra is a useful and effective drug for your case.

It is not only the medicine that can cure the problem you are having. Many times the urologist can even suggest you go for a few lifestyle changes, such as exercise, weight loss or reducing your alcohol consumption. After you get the prescription, you can buy Levitra 10mg tablets or any suggested dose. The medicine you will receive from an online consultation and the other you can receive from a doctor can be different.



 levitra 40 mg

Now when you are looking to buy a particular medicine without going to a urologist, you might have some knowledge about the drug already. But here are some quick facts about the medication.

  • The main ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. The drug is effective in treating erectile dysfunction problem or impotence in men. This is not an OTC (over the counter) medicine. Thus you need a proper prescription to buy Vardenafil.
  • Vardenafil 40 mg pills are the most preferred and recommended dosage for the medicine. It is better to take medication at least an hour before sexual involvement. The dose can vary according to your health condition. But every dosage works in the same way and maintain the blood flow of your body till the penis.
  • You must avoid taking some particular foods or drinks while consuming Levitra. Grapefruit and Grape juice has a tendency of creating some side effects in your body when taken together with Vardenafil 40 mg pills or the dosage you are taking. Also, you need to keep your consulting physician aware of the fact if you had any background of severe heart disease, including stroke or a heart attack.


Female Doctor Give You Reject Gesture

You must not try to take medicine without a doctor’s supervision. Levitra is working good for others doesn’t mean that it will do the same to you. The medicine can contain some active ingredients; your body is allergic to. The dosage of Levitra is also not the same for every patient. Thus only a doctor can recommend you a dose which is effective and safe for your body.

You might get some common side effects including dizziness, headache, flushing or runny nose. But be sure that your doctor has prescribed you the medicine, and has judged that the risks of the drug are way too lesser than its benefits for you.

Don’t forget to talk to your doctor whenever needed.



Be it Levitra or any other medicine, you are always suggested to talk to your doctor. Now when there are multiple websites available for online consultation and dispensing medicines, at least prefer to do what is possible for you. You can’t be in any contradiction with a medicine that treats a severe health condition like ED. Follow what your doctor suggests.

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