Does High Blood Pressure and Its Medicines Cause ED?

high blood pressure

Erectile Dysfunction has many causes. There are many physical and mental causes behind erectile dysfunction problem. Before you try to understand the relation between High Blood pressure medicine and ED, you must understand how an erection takes place. Erectile dysfunction problem is when it is difficult for a man to achieve and maintain a hard erection when sexually aroused.

The spongy tissues in the source of the penis are mainly responsible for the erection. Those tissues are called Corpora Cavernosa. The urethra runs through the middle of another chambers present, which is below them.

Corpora Cavernosa consist of blood carrying arteries and veins. Along with the arteries and veins, there is enough empty space too. The chambers under the Corpora Cavernosa are wrapped with thin tissues. When an erection takes place, the nerves which connect the brain with the penis sends signals, and the smooth muscles of the penis dilate the arteries and let the blood flow fill up the empty space.

The tissues around the chambers press the veins because of the pressure of the blood. When more blood flows in and gets trapped inside the penis, it starts to stiffen and expand. That’s how you get an erection.

When the excitement ends, the arteries start to contract, and the blood flows back out of the penis. The penis comes in the flaccid state again.

Is High Pressure Of Flow A Reason Behind Ed?

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High BP is among the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction. This happens mainly in men above 40 years. Reports say more than 49% of people who suffer from High Pressure of blood and ED together. The rest 51% of people have observed erectile dysfunction problem at some point in their life.

The problem refrains the blood carrying arteries to get adequately dilated. The muscles around the penis also lose its ability to have a proper erection. Thus, there causes a lack of adequate flow to the penis, and the penis doesn’t get erected.

Testosterone is the male hormone, which plays a crucial role in erection. People who suffer from the disease, also have low testosterone level in most of the cases.

Not only this, the high flow also damages the lining of the arteries which carry blood to the penis. The arteries get thicker and even gets prone to get burst due to high BP in the body.


Which Medicines Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

High blood pressure is a significant cause of erectile dysfunction problem. The body must have a lower or adequate flow to have an erection. Many people prefer to have lifestyle changes to deal with their high BP. Many people rely on a particular medication to treat the problem. There are some drugs that cause erectile dysfunction problem.  Diuretics and beta-blockers are among the most prescribed medicines for the problem. These can cause ED to some extent. It is always recommended to ask your doctor about the side effects of the medication they are prescribed or if it can cause you erectile dysfunction.

Does Lisinopril Cause Ed?

Lisinopril Tablets

Lisinopril is an antihypertensive drug, which is known to be a good for high blood pressure. The medicine lowers the pressure of blood flow and prevents heart attack, stroke and other kidney problems. The medication is also used to treat heart failure. The drug belongs to the ACE Inhibitor group. And it works by relaxing the vessels and easing the flow in the body.

Now the question remains, Lisinopril and ED- are they both co-related? The answer is No. There are many High Pressure medicines which cause erectile dysfunction. The drugs stop enough blood flow to the penis. ACE inhibitor family rarely causes ED as a side effect. The medicine helps in widening the blood vessels and increase the blood flow in the body.

What Blood Pressure Medication Does Not Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

High Blood Pressure and ED Medications

  • ACE inhibitors
  • Alpha-blockers
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • ARBs

These families of High pressure medicines do not have any report to cause ED problem among men. Drugs such as Prinivil, Zestril, Capoten- don’t have ED as their side effect. There are other calcium channel blocker medicines like Diltiazem, Verapamil, etc., which don’t cause ED.

But it doesn’t mean that other blood pressure medicine cause ED severely. The side effects of any medicine happen differently in a different body. It is your doctor who can say if the medication is appropriate for your body. In general, Alpha blockers are the safest family of the drug to use. In one hand, where they don’t cause ED, there are Alpha blockers medicines only which treat erectile problem

angiotensin II receptor blockers are also right medicines to treat high blood pressure without causing ED. The pills also increase sexual desire among men, along with treating High BP.

How To Save Yourself From Getting Affected By Ed Due To High Blood Pressure Drugs?

Affected By Ed Due To High Blood Pressure Drugs

 If you notice a problem while getting erected,because of the high blood pressure problem, you must not delay with it. You must talk to a urologist who can help you to deal with your ED problem. It is better to become transparent about the prescription you are following to treat the High Blood pressure. Your doctor can suggest you the best medicine according to your current prescription.

Rember, when one drug interacts with another there, is more chances of severe side effects, rather than erectile dysfunction.


High blood pressure can be treated with natural remedies and lifestyle changes too. Medication intervention increases the chances to get affected by the side effects. You can fight with both the problems just by taking care of your overall health. Always be prepared to answer all the questions your doctor might ask you during the visit.


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