Having Sex after Prostate Surgery: What You Should Know!

Prostate Surgery

Prostate surgery is known to bring in sexual disorder in men harming their ability to indulge into penetrative sex. While confidence levels, sexual libido and performance anxiety is common, men have a tough time getting and keeping an erection after surgery. Doctors recommend generic erectile dysfunction drugs, injection therapy and Vacuum Erection Devices for Sex after prostate surgery. These help men return back to their regular sex life curing their inhibitions and sexual anxiety too.


Radical prostatectomy or Prostate surgery is the procedure of removal of the prostate gland as a treatment to prostate cancer. While the surgery takes only a few hours or sessions for the therapy to last, the side-effects of the treatment is what worries men the most.

Sexual disorders are common to men undergoing prostate surgery. The constant therapies, surgery and the radiations alter the confidence level of men and result in a lot of challenges like decreased sex drive, loss of confidence, performance anxiety, low sperm count and worst of all – erectile dysfunction. Despite all the concerns related to prostate surgery, experts believe that it is possible for men to get back to their healthy sex life shortly after they undergo a surgery.

Sex after prostrate surgery – What to expect?

Most of the patients undergoing prostate surgery expect complete denial of their sex life for the future. This is because prostate glands are important to the muscles and blood vessels that help get an erection. The radiation therapies and surgery deeply damage the tissues around the penis making it difficult for one to indulge into quality sexual intercourse.

The radiation therapies also damage the hormones like testosterones in the body which can affects one’s sex drive and performance big time. But these damages aren’t as extreme so as to hamper the ability to have an orgasm. Men, after going through prostate surgery, can expect to have orgasm after a certain period of time.

Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, particularly the ability to have penetrative sex is lost in men right after the surgery. The effects of the surgery stay for a few weeks until the damaged tissues heal and they can experience improvement in their sex drive and performance.

P.S. Men with no prior health concerns return back to their healthy sex life within 8 weeks of prostate surgery!

How to begin with penis recovery?

penis recovery

Doctor’s generally withheld the notion of indulging into penetrative sex right after a prostate surgery. The idea is to let the recovery period be safe and light for the body. And hence it is only after a good 8 weeks of time that they take sexual disorders like inability to get an erection, performance anxiety or orgasms into consideration.

Doctor’s general provide for erectile dysfunction drugs as a treatment to have quality erections for men having undergone prostate surgery.  As regular consumption of virility drugs like Viagra can be an expensive affair for most of the patients, they advise purchasing generic ED drugs online only occasionally.  This marks as the beginning of experiencing quality sexual intercourse with their partners post surgery!

Doctors’ believe that penis rehabilitation, or regular penis stimulation helps men achieve a good orgasm and get back to experiencing normal erections after a period of time. The need is to try manual stimulation and experience frequent erections. This improves the blood flow to the penis over a period of time which keeps the penis healthy for action.

Will you have normal orgasms after prostate surgery?

having sex after prostate surgery

One doesn’t need to have penetrative sex to experience orgasm. This is what works in favour of the patients of prostate surgery. To enjoy sex after prostate surgery, it is not required of men to experience firm erections or hold erections for penetrative sex. The pleasure can be derived by indulging into sexual activities like oral sex. Partners need to understand the needs of the person and keep in mind some temporary solutions to the problems.

While the body is still healing from the damage of the radiation and surgery, couples can indulge into non-penetrative sex to derive sexual pleasure and experience orgasm.

How to begin experiencing penetrative sex after prostate surgery?

penetrative sex after prostate surgery

There are many alternatives to experience penetrative sex after prostate surgery. But the process starts only after 6 to 8 weeks have passed after the surgery. This is the healing period one requires to repair the damaged erectile tissues, or to overcome the trauma of the surgery. As soon as the person is ready to indulge into sexual activities, doctors recommend oral medications like erectile dysfunction pills for experiencing healthy erections for penetrative sex.

Injection therapy is an alternative method where small needles are inserted to take shots of medications to get about a healthy erection. Doctors provide for all the necessary training before choosing the method for you! Alternatives like Vacuum Erection Devices also exist but these are are chosen for the best treatment depending upon the complexity of the case!


Your approach matters!

approach matters

Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction after Prostate surgery depend on a variety of factors like patient’s health, medical problems, sexual disorders before surgery, and other abilities that existed before the surgery. It matters how the patient takes their sexual concerns and tries to treat them. Partner’s concern and understanding, early approach for penis rehabilitation, oral medications and active lifestyle bring about a lot of changes in experiencing quality sexual life after having a prostate surgery. ED drugs are easy method to have temporary sexual intercourse amidst the recovery period!

It is important to undergo a lifestyle change, be more active and quit smoking /drinking to accelerate a natural living style. It helps maintain balanced hormones and heals the body faster. This further leads to improved sexual libido, decrease anxiety and easier better performance on the bed.


When it comes to experiencing sex after prostate surgery, the idea is to remain calm and composed until the healing period. Return back slowly to your active sexual life with a plan to regain the excitement that raced in your bedroom!

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