11 Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction: Usage, Risks and recipes

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is a problem that many males are dealing with. Here we will have a look at essential oils, risks and recipes for the treatment of ED. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection, which makes sexual intercourse often difficult or impossible, is known as ED. You might be acquainted with the uses and risks of Viagra, which is a renowned ED medicine.

ED can be treated without the need for medication, as there are many different solutions like EOs. Essential oils have proved very effective in the treatment of ED. There are many natural solutions for ED like watermelon good for sex drive.

How do Essential-Oils help in the ED treatment?

 essential oils help in ed

The treatment of psychological and physical symptoms using EO for ED is very effective. First, they can aid in soothing the symptoms like anxiety, depression and stress. Second, common physical causes of ED can be treated, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, PE, MS, and thyroid problems.

Essential oils are very useful for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, some of which are described here

These are the 11 best ED treatment EOs for treating various symptoms:


Rose extracts relieve both animal and human depression and aids in relaxation. It can help in boosting happiness and self-confidence. It is useful in increasing libido and improving production of sperm and testosterone.


The smell of lavender and pumpkin cakes have showed a major impact on the circulation of the Penile-blood in the research conducted. Arousal increases, in particular in men by the use of Lavender. It is also known for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effects.


Studies have found that basil extract increases sperm motility, viability and counts in humans significantly. Oxidative stress can also be reduced. It protects against the toxicity of testicular substance caused by toxic heavy metals.


Cinnamon Improves animal and human sexual performance. Quantity of testosterones and seminal vesicles in humans is increased, as the hormone levels are stimulated. Sperm count and testosterone levels are escalated by the use of Cinnamon.


Ginger has a significant effect on male’s hormonal activity. This powerful antioxidant protects against oxidative stress and enhances sperm performance in humans.


Jasmine improves significantly the blood’s movement and makes it one of the most popular EOs in the natural healing community used for treating ED.

Sandal wood

It is used for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress relief. It also increases sensuality as a natural aphrodisiac. It works for the reproductive organs as a tonic.

Nutmeg and Clove

Both these oils are nervous stimulants and improve sex and blood flow. A recent study found that these EOs enhance male’s sexual activity.

Clary Sage

It is probably the best erectile oil, which reduces the inhibition and is mildly intoxicating. It causes euphoria and excitation and contributes to the balancing and regulation of hormones.


This is a very sensual natural aphrodisiac that promotes sexual stimulation. The blood circulation can also be improved.

Cedar wood

Cedar-wood is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. It is ideal for reducing sexual stress and anxiety.

Different Ways to use these Oils

 use of essential oils

Many different ways can be employed to use ED oils. However, it can be difficult to know where to use the necessary oils for ED. You can produce a heat or cold-water compress and apply it to the lower back, spine and the renal areas (diluting a few drops of the oil in the water). It is also possible to mix a few drops in a carrying-oil and massage it in the lower back, spinal cord and kidney. You can spray the oil into the room to enjoy its fragrance or add a few drops to the bed linen. They can also be used in a spreader or diluted in a hot bath in your room.

Risks to be considered during the use of EOs

 essential oils risks

Although EOs can be efficient and improve overall health, cure of ED in men cannot be fully confirmed. Most researches are carried out on rodents rather than humans. It should be noted that essential oils can be toxic and should be never taken orally. Also, before you begin your daily routine with EOs you should talk to a certified doctor. These oils should always be diffused or applied before going to the skin and diluted in a carrier-oil. They are considered safe when used correctly and can continue to offer ED benefits. You can talk to your health care provider if you want more alternative solutions for ED.

Recipes – Essential oils

 essential oils recipes

Although EOs can be effective on their own, they can be even more effective in combinations. Here are some of the most effective ED essential oil recipes:


  • EO – Ginger: 10 drops
  • EO – Cinnamon: 10 drops
  • Carrier oil – Black seed:(30ml)

Rub the hands against each other and apply moderate amounts to warm the mixture. Massage in the lower back and along the back of the back. Repeat for a week twice a day.

Concentrated Serum

  • EO- Pine: 7 drops
  • EO-Cinnamon bark: 7 drops
  • EO-Lemon verbena: 7 drops
  • EO-Black pepper: 7 drops
  • Watermelon-seed-oil: (30ml)

Apply to the back, lower back and kidney area in the morning and evenings.


  • Nutmeg: 2 drops
  • Ginger: 2 drops
  • Sandalwood: 2 drops

Put the drops of oil into your diffuser’s water container. In a well-ventilated room, let it spread over 20–30 minutes.  If you want, repeat every 2 hours or more.

Essential oils alone may not be sufficient to treat your ED completely. You should also keep a healthy and balanced diet, reduce alcohol use, remove life stress factors, work regularly and stop smoking. You can also go for ED pills and you can buy generic ED drugs online. Aroma oils may work for the psychological and physical symptoms of ED, but before you implement them in your daily routine for treatment, you should seek specific medical guidance. When properly used, EOs can make your overall wellbeing very pleasant.

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