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Category Archives: Health

Natural and Organic Products: The similarity and the differences


‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ happen to be the buzz words in the 21st Century. In the past few years it has gained so much momentum that it has actually become mandatory for the products to be received well in the market. Stroll across any market and you shall find products labeled ‘100% Organic’, ‘Organic Produce’, ‘100% Read More

Is watermelon good for sex drive?

Watermelon: A Natural Viagra

A cold slice of watermelon not only satisfies your thirst during the summer months, it also helps in satisfying sexual desires. Surprised? Known as ‘Nature’s Viagra’, watermelon has the same effect as that of Viagra in both men and women. The fruit is an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire and improved sexual performance. Why is Read More

Myths and Facts related to Erectile Dysfunction (Infographic)

erectile dysfunction drugs

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a disorder in men which makes them unable to achieve or maintain an erection. With the rise in the number of cases worldwide, the myths and misconceptions related to this problem have also been rising gradually. In this infographics, we talk about the myths and facts related to Erectile Dysfunction.   Read More