Fruits for diabetes: Best and worst fruits for diabetes

Fruits and diabetes

Fruits for diabetes: Best and worst fruits for diabetes

  • Getting some fruits in the diet is definitely one of the delicious ways to satisfy appetite and meet daily nutritional body requirements.
  • But wait, what if you have diabetes? Because most of the fruits contain sugar, are they going to make things worse?
  • Well, most of them will not but some can.Fruits and diabetes have both positive and negative relation which varies with the choice you make. Diabetes is a chronic yet controllable condition and in this post, we will suggest some best and worst fruits for diabetes.
  • Know which fruits are good for diabetes patients and what fruits diabetes patients should avoid.

What is diabetes?

Before we get into the best and worst fruits for diabetes, it is important to understand about diabetes and how a treatment helps improve it.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition when one’s body cannot control glucose levels in blood.Blood glucose or sugar is the energy source of a being and is essential for healthy body functioning– but sometimes Insulin, a hormone which controls blood glucose levels and turns this energy source in cells, declines. This sudden decline causes diabetes, the condition when the body is no more capable of handling blood glucose from processed food.

Well, there are several causes that may contribute to the development of diabetes; and some common ones include:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • High blood pressure
  • Triglycerides elevation and decreasing good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Hereditary disorder
  • Aging, and more

So, these are some common causes or health conditions that increase the risk of diabetes.And, talking about how a treatment specifically helps improve the condition, diabetes is chronic but can be controlled with a number of approved antidiabetic medicines and lifestyle changes.

Taking about its medical treatments, medicines such as Glucobay 50 mg (Acarbose) and Trajenta 5 mg (Linagliptin) are commonly prescribed with a diabetes-oriented diet and a strict exercise regimen. Well, how do these medicines work is a mystery to you? Let us tell you how.

These medicines either help by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates/complex sugars in the body or make more Insulin to control blood glucose levels elevation.Moreover, diet and exercise plays a role here too– to be able to better control blood sugar doctors generally suggest to adopt a healthy lifestyle as it supports the treatment.

Fruits and diabetes

Well, do you wonder what the connection between fruits and diabetes is? They are kind of positive-negative having response on a diabetic patient– depends on how you eat it. Fruits are commonly consumed in two ways, either as fresh-frozen or processed.

Talking about fruits and diabetes, American Diabetes Association (ADA) has advised that it is absolutely fine to eat fruits while having diabetes if you are not allergic to any particular fruit. Even a meta-analysis study by British Medical Journal in 2014 found that higher fruit intake resulted in lower risk of type-2 diabetes and improved the condition.

Well, there is still something you need to beware of­– these are processed fruits.Processed fruits including dried fruits and fruit juices can affect diabetes. Because the body absorbs processed fruit more quickly, it may cause a sudden blood glucose elevation; worsening your diabetes condition. Considering avoiding processed fruit is strictly advised to diabetic patients.

On the other hand, fresh-frozen fruits when taken in moderate amounts can help with diabetes. Wonder how? Because food contains vitamins and fiber– and fiber itself is a great nutrient that is found in studies to improve elevated blood glucose levels.

So, now you know it. But now the question is, what fruits should you use and what you should avoid? Well, we know about some.

Glycemic index and diabetes food

Glycemic index (GI) in a rating of foods from 1 to 100 specifically introduced for diabetic patients. The GI index indicates how quickly a food raises blood sugar levels.

Now as if a diabetic patient wants to choose certain foods for his diet, he or she may look for the GI index of the food and pick the right ones. The lower GI index is, the healthier the food is for you while being a diabetic.

Now, talking about best and worst fruits for diabetes, foods with a medium or lower glycemic index are better picks in your diet– and similarly, the ones that have a higher GI index, has to be avoided or at least be limited to its least.

Well, now is the time to look into which fruits are good for diabetes and which fruits diabetes patients should avoid depending on their glycemic index (GI) and nutritional value.

Best fruits for diabetes

As we get to talk about which fruits are good for diabetes patients, here are some fruits for type-2 diabetes that may help.These fruits are not only low in Glycemic index but also contain essential nutrients and other properties that may support blood glucose control.

Best fruits for diabetes


Whether it be blueberries, strawberries or any other type of berries, they are rich with antioxidants and fiber. And, both these components are great for better diabetes control. ADA has indicated berries as a diabetes superfood which is high in antioxidants and fiber while possessing very low levels of complex sugars.

Tart cherries

A review published by NCBI in March 2018 suggested that tart berries are a great source of bot only anti-inflammatory properties but good antioxidants as well. These components may help prevent heart disease, cancer and other chronic inflammatory and oxidative diseases. Tart cherries are good low-carbohydrate, nutrients-rich fruit.


Rich with potassium and vitamin C, peach is a metabolism-boosting superfood. By improving metabolism, peaches may also help control absorption of complex sugars/carbohydrates in blood i.e. eventually stabilizing blood glucose levels. Also, being overall healthsome, peaches are also great for skin and weight management.


While being low in calories and carbs, apricots are a great source of vitamin A and fiber which are essential for a healthy body functioning. Low in carbs and rich with fiber, apricots are not only great for a good functioning but for diabetes as well.


Apples is definitely one of the great vitamin C sources, but are also a good antioxidant that may help control blood glucose elevation. Also, it is known to improve metabolism and digesting which could reduce absorption of excess blood sugars in the body.

Worst fruits for diabetes

Well, we have already talked a bit on some fruits that are best to add in a diet by a diabetic patient. But, do you know even there are fruits that may worsen diabetes? Not many, but some common fruits you do not realize but can increase risk of blood glucose elevation. These fruits diabetes patients should avoid include:


Pineapple is one of the fruits with high sugar content and even if you are getting a slice of it, you are obviously getting a lot of complex sugars you will not want while having diabetes.

Sweetened cranberries

However normal cranberries are low in sugar and known as diabetes superfood, sweetened cranberries are completely opposite. When dried and are sweetened, they no more remain a healthy choice, especially for patients with type-2 diabetes.


Well, according to Mayo Clinic, they suggest diabetic patients to limit their fruit portion to around 15 grams of carbs; never more. And you know what? Just a cup of raisins have 115 grams of carbohydrates/complex sugars. Raisins are not at all a healthy choice for diabetes patients.


No doubt, mangos make us crave for it; they are absolutely delicious and sweet. But for diabetics, that one cup of mango containing 23 grams of sugar is definitely not a good choice. When you are having diabetes, one thing you need to make sure is, you pick foods in your diet that are low in sugar but high in essential nutrients.


Kiwi is a great green beautiful fruit to add a sweet flavour to your salad. But wait, would you compromise to have 16 grams of complex sugar in one cup of Kiwi just for taste while you are suffering diabetes? I do not think so.


Well, fruits and diabetes definitely have a connection and when it comes to choosing a healthy diet when you get diabetes– not every fruit will be a good choice. Though not many, some fruits contain a high amount of sugar which will no doubt make things worse for a diabetes patient. But fortunately, you can choose between the best and worst fruits for diabetes. In this post, we discussed which fruits are good for diabetes and which fruits diabetes patients should avoid. ADA already mentioned that fruits are beneficial for diabetes and can decrease risk of diabetes or prevent it. Choose wisely and get some in your diet too– they help.

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