What Are the Connection Between Age and Erectile Dysfunction?

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In the year 2003, new studies surfaced related to the impact of men’s age and the growing condition of erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. The research by Annals of Internal Medicine read here, men after the age of 50 face problems in sexual functionality. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection required for sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

For years it thought that psychological problems were to blame for the condition. ED was also related to the normal aging process. With the breakthrough of the study, today, we can pinpoint that 90% of the cases of erectile dysfunction in men older than 50 are due to the underlying physical factors. A range of factors, physical and psychological (partially) is the reason that men have to depend on the generic erectile dysfunction drugs in their older age.

The quality of data cannot be questioned, as this was one of the biggest studies done ever of the time on the condition. About 31,000 health professionals of the age group 53-90 volunteered for the study on their sexual function. The volunteers were asked to rate their sexual ability of 3 months without any treatment (without using generic erectile dysfunction drugs).

“Were they able to maintain an adequate erection during the intercourse?” was the whole point of the study. Data segregation was done under three tabs: “good,” “poor,” and “very poor” performance during sexual intercourse. The men that lay under “poor” and “very poor” categories were said to have the condition of erectile dysfunction. Other factors, such as age, physical activity, and alcohol intake, were under scrutiny throughout the study.

The Finding of the Research: Younger the Age, Better the Sexual Functionality of a Man

Close up photo of cheerful excited glad careless happy with toothy beaming smile brunette attractive woman and stylish man
Close up photo of cheerful excited glad careless happy with toothy beaming smile brunette attractive woman and stylish man

Age was the primary factor. The role of age in sexual functionality in men became more relevant during the whole study. The older men were reported to be more prone to ED than younger men.

One of the crucial findings of the report the declining sexual functionality in man to poor among the older group. About 74% of younger men (still under the early ’50s) had good or very good sexual functionality. Only 12% of the men in that age group were reported to have mild or big problems.

However, only 10% of older men (80 years or older) were able to make it in the “good” category. Some of the key findings of the study were: 

  • 2% of the men suffered from ED before the age of 40
  • 4% of the men suffered from ED under the age bracket 40 to 49
  • 26% of the men suffered from ED between the age 50-59
  • And 40% of the men suffered from ED between the age bracket 60-69.

The condition significantly increases as men aged. But before you make any conception, you must know men with a healthier lifestyle and no chronic diseases are at a much lower risk of having erectile dysfunction than men with a non-healthy lifestyle and suffering from chronic diseases such as heart conditions or diabetes.

These factors were more discerning in the men in the age of 65-79. Men with “good” or “very good” sexual functionality in the older age, were found to regular exercise, about 3 hours each week. Regular exercising seems to reduce the risk for ED down to 30%, which is amazing. On the other hand, obesity and smoking made a man closer to getting erectile dysfunction.

Is it Inevitable to Evade Erectile Dysfunction? 

A young man suffering from headache in his bed
A young man suffering from headache in his bed

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition, and the problem affects about 15% of the men population around the world. It is even projected to affect about 320 million men by the year 2025. Most of the men even make it subject to their self-pride and have far-reaching effects on their relations.

As a result, they subjugate themselves to erectile dysfunction drugs online without also consulting with a physician. The younger a man, the more they feel helpless and shy about their condition. It is essential that globally, we altogether fight this social stigma and can create awareness amongst men suffering from the condition. The study above revealed some frightening statistics on ED, especially if you are a man reading this blog of an older age. But there are chances that aging might not even affect your sexual functionality.

Yes, aging does have some role in reducing the capability to hold an erection for an adequate time, but not necessarily, you are meant to be one of them. It increases the risk of ED, and there are ways to treat it, or completely bypass it if you are following a healthy regime. Let’s learn about the risks and treatments available for ED, including the best erectile dysfunction pills.

What Happens When you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction?

Here is some biology that will help you understand your condition better. A male body undergoes a series of complex sequences of events inside the body that lead to sexual arousal. The brain partakes in causing the same.

The length of the penis starts rising when the brain activates the nerves in the penis to relax muscles in the spongy tissue. The blood pressures in the penis increase, causing it to expand, the membrane around the spongy tissue sustains the erection. It is the whole sequence of events that is responsible for attaining and holding an erection.

As it is clear that the sequences can be divided into multiple segments, any interruption in any one of these can be a possible cause of underperformance. The physicians will administer your best erectile dysfunction pills mostly to bring improvement in the whole event, but there is a range of other treatments available that will vary as per your needs.

What can you do about it? 

Surely, ED can be associated with aging, although remember the condition can also be due to psychological factors. It is very much treatable at any age, and you can evade it. You must understand, aging causes depreciation in physical health.

which further causes Erectile Dysfunction. If you are physically fit, you might not even be subjugated to the condition.

 Medical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Male doctor and prostate cancer patient are discussing about prostate cancer test report.
Male doctor and prostate cancer patient are discussing about prostate cancer test report.

There are many physical causes of ED; any one of these can disrupt the sequence of the physiological changes that cause erection:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Low Testosterone
  • High Cholesterol
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Prostate Enlargement

Some Important Things You Must Know

While some physical conditions are very common, and you may understand how they are affecting your sexual drive, Diabetes, and lower level of testosterone hormone can be a little confusing.

Other than that, having a heart condition can cause lowered blood flow and thus can be a cause of the condition. Starting with diabetes, the condition of diabetes is known to have a great impact on the nerves system.

It can damage nerve cells’ ability to perceive signal, and so can also be a reason that you have been facing Erectile Dysfunction after being diagnosed with diabetes. Since the nerves present in the genital areas are not able to increase the blood flow, you might be not able to get the desired erection.

In another study by the prestigious American Diabetes Association that you can read here, a person with type 2 diabetes is twice at risk to have a low testosterone level than a man with no diabetes.

Testosterone Hormone plays a role in affecting a person’s sex drive and energy levels. It is the hormone that is released during sexual intercourse, administers the arousal impulses from the brain. While undergoing a diagnosis, you can expect your doctor to assign you diabetes and testosterone test.

Other causes of ED

It is not that relative to age, as we said earlier, it is all about being physically healthy. Some other causes that might be causing the condition are:

  • Alcoholism: Slows down the nervous communication between the brain and genital nerves.
  • Tobacco Intake: It restricts blood flow, but can lead to serious diseases that may lead to sexual dysfunction.
  • Medicines that you are taking: A drug can decrease your sexual performance; you must consult your doctors on their prescribed medicine to know more.
  • Depression and Anxiety disorder: Reclusiveness can be a reason.

 Drugs and Online Buying

Buy Viagra 100mg Online

On consulting your doctor, you can buy erectile dysfunction drugs online. Self-treatment may cause the condition to go worse, and can also lead to a reaction between the other drugs you are currently taking. Common drugs include; Hormone Therapy, high blood pressure, calcium blockers, blood pressure medicine, and anti-depressants.


Ageing affects sexual function, but psychological and physical factors are to blame. Emotional stressors can cause deplete in sexual arousal. Also, not being able to perform once in while sex is not a big problem, work stress, or maybe fatigue can cause the problem.

Remember, even the studies collected the statistical data of 3 months. To completely avoid the condition, make changes in your lifestyle, lose weight, quit smoking, improve your emotional bonding with your partner, practice being healthy.

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