7 Steps: How to fix Erectile Dysfunction

Men can judge themselves rudely when it comes to their performance on the bed. And any occurrence of erectile dysfunction is pretty much daunting to their confidence and feelings of manliness. It makes sense that a man would naturally try to fix the problem at the first occurrence with viagra pills for men.

Much to the surprise of people, erectile dysfunction is not only a medical problem, but can occur due to a lot of reasons related to the person. Instead of being harsh on yourself or taking it as impotence for life – the need is to track down the reasons for impotence to cure it completely.

Indeed, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), commonly termed as impotence, has a cure! And this can be attributed to many mechanisms ranging from medicines like cheap viagra pills, lifestyle changes, abstinence from a variety of activities etc. To help you recover from it, there are steps you can follow which promise long-term solutions to fix ED.


Step 1: Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

When it comes to boosting your sexual performance, nothing is as rewarding as exercising regularly. Exercise has a healing effect on the body making the hormones balanced, muscles active and improving the stamina. It also helps in clearing mind off frustration to be able to focus better on your activities. Numerous researches have proved that with regular exercises, a person is able to manage routine problems like stress, frustration, fatigue, etc. which have been common problems disrupting sex lives today.

To include exercise in your life that improves your erections, there are several things you can focus on.

  • Yoga



Yoga has been attributed as a boon for the modern lifestyle. It brings alignment between mind, body and soul. Least to say, yoga helps your body and muscles relax, improve flexibility, and makes you active.There are some special Yoga poses which aim to improve the performance of sexual organs. All of it leads to stimulation in the body which makes a person get better arousal.


  • Walking 2 miles daily

Walking 2 miles daily

With increase in weight comes added chance to develop erectile dysfunction. And if you are obese, the reason might just be your weight too. The need here is to watch the weight and improve on it. Rather than indulging into hardcore exercises at once, try to inculcate the healthy habit of walking 2 miles a day. This brings its therapeutic, mindful and healthy benefits altogether.


  • Kegel exercises

Kegel exercisesKegel exercises are the exercises meant for the pelvic muscles. These are the muscles responsible for creating erections and controlling the urethra functions. For men, the kegel exercises strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscles. These muscles are responsible for improving the blood flow to penis for erections, pumping the ejaculation, and for proper functioning of urethra for urination. Some basic kegel exercises done daily help cure erections timely.

Step 2: What you eat!

Next time you sit for a meal, watch your plate – as what you eat is what you are! Your food can have a direct impact on your health. And the reason to erectile dysfunction can as well be found on the food that you serve to yourself.

Having a bad diet can affect your sexual performance in many ways. The decreased stamina, routine stomach problems, obesity, diabetes, or the cardiovascular diseases are all related to erectile dysfunction and food. Therefore, having a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, juices, fish, etc. proves suitable to improve the body health.

What you eat

The inclusion of the super-foods like quinoa, kale, hemp seeds, avocado, etc. are recommended too. Besides these, munching on some dry fruits, healthy seeds and options like granola bars, smoothie bowls, etc. help improve your body health.

Make sure that when you are working to improve your health, especially to treat erectile dysfunction, you consult a doctor for best assistance.

Step 3: Maintain a healthy weight

Healthy Weight
About 50% of the people above the waistline of 40 inches are at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. With an increase in weight come the routine problems like hormonal imbalance, decrease in stamina, physical and mental pressure, fatigue, loss of confidence, digestive issues and muscle pains. All of these are somehow responsible in affecting your performance on the bed. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to not just watch your weight but to inculcate healthy habits to reduce weight with time.
You can find out your ideal weight based on your height and age, and try to reduce it down to keep your health at its prime. It does not require spending hours in the gym to shed those extra kilos. Just a watchful eye on the food you eat, simple regular exercises, and good lifestyle changes will bring about a change in just a few months.

Step 4: Avoid high blood pressure and cholesterol

high blood pressure and cholesterol

Erectile dysfunction is a reflection on the fact that indeed a person is not getting proper blood flow to the penis resulting in soft or no erections at all. And a possible reason for this can be high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

High blood pressure can damage the arteries by making them thicker, or sometimes even making them burst. This can hamper the blood flow to the penis leading to dysfunction. Additionally, high cholesterol levels can lead to build-up of cholesterol in the arteries making them narrow enough to stop the blood flow. This too can lead to damage of arteries and burst.

Erectile Dysfunction is most commonly connected to cardiovascular diseases and thus, taking care of blood pressure and high cholesterol levels is important too.

Indulging into healthy activities like exercises, running, walking, aerobic exercises, etc. paired with abstinence from fried food items that contain high amount of cholesterol, can help cure the problem. People are advised to stay away from fizz drinks, baked items and high amounts of sodium in their food.

Step 5: Take some ‘herbal Viagra’

Herbal Viagra is the most natural form of viagra. They have been repeatedly given importance in Ayurveda and natural healing sciences. As this form of Viagra is known to contain less side-effects as compared to the viagra (sildenafil) pills for men, they help treat erectile dysfunction better. The most common herbal Viagra used for the treatment include:

  • Panax Ginseng
  • Maca
  • Yohimbine
  • Ginkgo
  • DHEA
  • RhodiolaRosea

Although, there are no prescriptions needed for the consumption of the herbal Viagra, one should consider taking consultation from doctors before adding them to the diet. The effectiveness of herbal Viagra depends on its effective use, dosage etc.

Step 6: Avoid anabolic steroids

Anabolic Steroids are muscle building steroids that contain natural androgens like testosterone and some artificial androgens which are similar to testosterone. It is a no-brainer that increase in testosterone levels might just lead to better erections temporarily but the use of steroids for attaining the same can lead to variety of permanent problems. What might be construed as an easy solution to getting erections can be one of the biggest contributors to bad erectile functioning!

Avoid anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids lead to infertility, reduced sperm count, and hampers the person’s natural testosterone levels big time. These steroids go on to create an imbalance in the hormonal processes leading to increased dependency on the steroids for proper functioning of the hormones. This is a vicious cycle leading to increased erections for the time being but rendering the body unable to produce testosterone on its own.

It is best to avoid anabolic steroids to safeguard the body against any outside hormones. To naturally treat erectile dysfunction, you need better hormonal balance from inside the body. This can occur only when outside supplements are avoided.

Step 7: Steer clear of risky sex

Men might not understand but their lifestyle activities can have a big impact on their erections. And it might not occur to you, but practicing safe sex is just as important when you have erectile dysfunction as it is at other times.

Some men think that the stress they take to practice safe sex, like putting on a condom while maintaining an erection are contributing to their erectile dysfunction. But it is really important to put on a condom to safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B, genital herpes, HIV/AIDS etc.

Indulging in risky sex is no treatment to erectile dysfunction. It in fact brings in more exposure to diseases which might lead to other problems making the treatment impossible. Therefore, one should focus on devising ways where the stimulation can be maintained.

As condom can be worn only on a full erection, practices like keeping condoms handy, including the condom in the foreplay or asking your partner to make you wear it can help in getting the right move at the right time.

Try to steer clear of the risky sex practices and instead resort to sildenafil pills for some periodical sexual needs.

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating to a man given that it shall hamper their bedroom moments and relationship. But with some smart steps inculcated in daily life like Viagra (sildenafil) pills for men, it can, in fact, be treated. There are body and mental training measures to improve the performance on bed.
Practice these simple steps to watch your body transform. And we are sure that you shall soon jump in joy with the quality of erections achieved with natural methods!

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